Conference Program

Monday 21st May

  • A Hands-On-Introduction to OpenMP
    Dr Mark Bull, EPCC – Architect – Research and Training
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  • Advanced OpenMP: Performance and 4.5 Features
    Dr Michael Klemm, Intel and OpenMP ARB CEO and Jim Cownie, Principal Engineer Intel
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  • Programming Your GPU with OpenMP
    Prof. Simon McIntosh-Smith, University of Bristol
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  • Panel Discussion: OpenMP is Twenty. Where is it Going?

Tuesday 22nd May

  • Thread Alert: Improving Weather Warnings and Forecasts with OpenMP
    Paul Selwood, Met Office
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  • ParaFormance: Democratizing Parallel Software Development
    Christopher Brown, University of St Andrews
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  • Fortran 2008, 2018 Coarrays and OpenMP
    Anton Shterenlikht, University of Bristol
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  • Reducing the Burden of Parallel Loop Schedulers for Many-Core Processors
    Mahwish Arif, Queen’s University Belfast
    Slides – Pending
  • Implicit Mapping of Pointers Inside C++ Lambda Closure Objects in OpenMP Target Offload Regions
    David Truby, The University of Warwick
    Slides – Pending
  • Heterogeneous and Distributed Programming in Tomorrow’s C++ Today
    Michael Wong, Codeplay
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  • The Importance of Performance Analysis in OpenMP Code
    Jonathan Boyle, NAG
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  • Tuning OpenMP Codes with Intel Vtune Amplifier Performance Analyzer
    Jim Cownie, Intel
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  • The TORUS radiative transfer code: OpenMP implementation and performance
    David Acreman University of Exeter & Imperial
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  • Enabling OpenMP for the Arm architecture
    Graham Hunter, Staff Software Engineer, Arm
    Slides – Pending